Your Conscious Mind



When I was a student I read many books and articles about the mind, about what we experience.  They all seemed so wise, so contradictory – but I still felt I had little understanding – maybe I just wasn’t clever enough.

Then I had a blinding flash of insight – how at last to pin down and be certain about one mental event.  My definition in Chapter 2 of the momentary visual experience is so simple, it seems so obvious and self-evident.

But at last I had a mental event pinned down, and I applied it in the field of visual perception which I had been researching.  It allowed me to use mental events to make sense of many puzzles in this field.

And this in turn allowed me to go further and make eight propositions about the nature of our conscious mind.

To me these insights have taken away the mystery of our mental life, without losing any of the wonder about the incredible complexity of our existence.

I hope that these insights will provide a conceptual framework into which may fit the vast present body of knowledge about perception.  Hopefully the framework will also act as a stimulus to acquire further knowledge about some areas not well explored before.

To me, the insights about our mental life have taken away the “inexplicable mystery” aspects, without losing any of the wonder about the incredible complexity of our existence. And in particular, the human brain is an “organic computer” of almost unbelievable complexity and efficiency.

I hope that a clearer insight into what man really is will in turn lead to a more rational community, better equipped to live in harmony and peace.

The download of “Seeing the World” is offered free of charge to all men and women of good will seeking to advance knowledge about our existence.

My hope:

  • understand what you really are (and in this way free yourself from age-old myths and manipulations)
  • wonder at and enjoy what an incredible product of evolution you are.
  • consider what legacy you can leave behind by using your amazing abilities.


John Woodward lives in Brisbane, Australia.  He worked on these ideas in the 1960’s as a research student at The University of Queensland, but quit psychology feeling frustration about the inability of the science to tackle mental existence.

He currently makes his living from Accountancy and Taxation advice, while working to develop a large marble mining operation in remote North Queensland.

He believes that the concepts in this work are so basically simple that they are almost self-evident.  Being clear about the basic fabric of consciousness should be of great assistance in the study of mental existence.



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